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6 Important Factors to Know Before Buying a New Mattress

by Product Specialist

People often feel comfortable and recharged after getting a good night’s sleep. However, aside from the calm surroundings, the bed itself can make or break the experience. Because of this, buying the right mattress will give you a relaxing feeling every time you wake up.

If you are looking to buy a new mattress, here are six essential considerations that will help you find the best mattress possible.

1. The more comfortable, the better

This factor trumps everything else, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that the more expensive mattresses provide the best comfort. You can determine how comfortable it is by identifying the materials used and its firmness. Ask the seller if you can try laying on them for a while to decide whether it will give you a pleasant sleeping experience.

2. Don’t go with the flow

Recommendations are helpful, but other people may feel comfortable with their mattresses due to different reasons. The right mattress for you may not be what the majority prefers or what the market claims to be the best. That’s why it’s best to assess the bed yourself by visiting a store.

3. Find the right bed size

Go for a queen size bed if you feel restricted with a narrow one or if you are sharing the bed with your partner. Likewise, having extra space is vital if you move a lot while sleeping. If more than two people are sleeping on the bed, opt for king-sized beds or California king mattresses to have ample space.

4. Don’t fall for firmness or softness

This indicator can be a misnomer when you are buying a mattress because there is no unified manner to determine this description. What one brand identifies as an extra firm may be medium-firm to another. Testing the mattress is the best way to check if it supports your spine and other parts of your body.

An excessive firmness can create tension that prevents your spine from maintaining its natural curve. On the other hand, a mattress that is too soft will sag and cause poor posture, which can lead to back pain.

5. Go for adjustable or multi-zoned beds

Adjustable air beds allow you to adjust the firmness to suit your preference. Meanwhile, you can find a mattress with multiple support zones if the adjustable bed is too expensive. It’s best to look for a mattress that is soft at the hip and shoulder areas but firm in the spine.

6. Be aware of your budget

Keep an open mind when buying a mattress. You can research on spring mattresses, waterbeds, foam mattresses, and other bed types to find the one that suits you. Reading mattress reviews online will also help determine what’s suitable for you. Finally, your budget will be a significant factor in looking for a mattress. Set a price you are willing to spend and don’t exceed that amount, especially if you have other expenses to address.

Don’t rush the process when buying a mattress, or you will end up making the wrong decision. Take time to weigh your options to avoid the hassle of returning an unsuitable mattress.

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