A New Mattress Can Make You Healthier

You’ll Sleep Better!

Have you been sleeping on the same old mattress for the past 15 years? It’s time to expereince a better night’s sleep. It’s time for a new mattress from Sierra Mattress Company! 

No More Tossing & Turning

A properly supportive mattress minimizes pressure points that keep you awake and will help you get a better night’s sleep. By reducing a number of aches and pains, a new mattress can reduce stress, reduce pain and enhance your well-being. 

Reduce Allergic Reactions

Sleeping in an older bed can trigger allergic reactions, itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing, an irritated throat, headaches, and fatigue. If you suffer from allergies, your sleeping environment may be the cause. Replace your mattress and start feeling better almost immediately!

Mattress Types

We offer both Innerspring and Memory Foam mattress sets in Firm, Medium or Plush (Soft). Innerspring mattress sets are the most popular. Some of our Innerspring mattress sets come with Cool Touch GEL Memory Foam and/or Talalay Latex embedded toppers for an overall enhanced sleeping experience. Our Memory Foam mattress sets are a great value and work well with our adjustable bed frames. Memory Foam mattresses come in both Latex and Polyurethane and do provide good motion isolation and pressure-point relief; however, they can be cumbersome if you switch sleeping positions during the night and can also be somewhat difficult to get off of – especially for heavier people. Whether you are interested in an Innerspring or Memory Foam mattress set, we have the best overall value in Reno!

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